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Brooks Lab
Computational and wet-lab postdoc positions available to study splicing alterations in cancer transcriptomes. Computational postdocs with experience in high-throughput sequencing analysis are strongly encouraged to apply. Potential wet-lab postdocs with experience in molecular biology, RNA biochemistry, and cancer biology are strongly encouraged to apply. If interested, please send an email and CV to Angela Brooks: [email protected] More information: brookslab.soe.ucsc.edu
Salzman Lab
We are actively seeking postdocs who are interested in working on the main projects in our lab: computational, statistical and experimental approaches to identify cis-sequence,trans-regulation and function of circular RNA and alternative splicing.
Frankel Lab
We are seeking a postdoc interested in HIV biology and RNA-protein interactions in the context of virus evolution. Projects may involve biochemistry, structural methods, and virology and focus primarily on viral transcription, RNA export, and virus-host interactions. Interested applicants should email their CV to [email protected]
McManus Lab
Postdoc positions are available in the McManus lab to study biological circuits relating to coding and noncoding RNA biology and their relationship to human development and disease. We have a broad focus to understand the biology of gene expression as related to RNA, including developing and using RNA technologies as tools. If you are interested in conducting high-throughput genomic screens, or using the mouse as a model to understand fundamental biology, this lab could be for you. . The McManus Lab is an excellent training environment and UCSF offers astounding opportunities to develop your career. Anyone interested in molecular mechanisms of gene function should apply.
Postdoctoral Scholar in Aging and RNA Biology
An NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship is available in the Biology Department of the University of Nevada, Reno to study the role of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in organismal aging. The postdoctoral scholar will be co-advised by Drs. van der Linden and Miura (see: https://www.vanderlindenlab.com and http://www.post-transcriptional.com/). We use next generation sequencing approaches, genome-editing, and behavioral analyses to uncover the regulatory mechanisms and functions of circRNAs in aging C. elegans, which is a premier model organism in aging research. See our recent research on circRNAs [BMC Genomics (2018): doi 10.1186/s12864-017-4386-y]. If interested, please contact Alexander van der Linden ([email protected]) and Pedro Miura ([email protected]).
Ken Londoner is the founder of the privately
Ken Londoner is the founder of the privately held medical technology company BioSig Technologies, which works on researching and developing a new system that would treat more accurately patients suffering from Atrial Fibrillation and Complex Arrhythmia. Currently, the company is exploring the field’s applications across a variety of disease areas and disciplines, including neurology, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, pain management, cancer, and others. He founded the BioSig Technologies in 2009 and since then serves as a CEO and executive chairman. Moreover, Ken Londoner Londoner is associated with Endicott Management Partners. This is another private investment company focused on medical technology and consumer-related companies, where he serves as Managing Partner. Prior to this, he served as Co-Founder and Member of Board of Directors at Safe Ports. Londoner holds a holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree from the NYU’s Stern School of Business with a dual major in finance and management.
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