Last Year (2018) Schedule

We expect a similar schedule layout for 2019.


8:00-9:00 Poster Setup, Breakfast, Early Poster Viewing



09:00-09:12  Ni-Ting Chiou (UCSF)

Selective export into extracellular vesicles and function of tRNA fragments during T cell activation


09:12-09:24  Azra Lari (UCD)

Functional map of the DEAD-box ATPase Dbp5p at single amino acid resolution


09:24-09:36  Miten Jain (UCSC)

Nanopore native RNA sequencing of a human poly(A) transcriptome


09:36-09:48  Kalli Kappel (Stanford)

Structure determination of RNA and RNA-protein complexes through cryo-EM and computational modeling


09:48-10:00  Morning Coffee/Bio Break



10:00-10:12  Leanna Monteleone (UCD)

A Bump-Hole Approach for Directed RNA Editing


10:12-10:24  Elif Sarinay Cenik (Stanford)

Maternal ribosomes are sufficient for tissue diversification during embryonic development in C. elegans


10:24-10:36  Marija Dargyte (UCSC)

An upstream determinant of primary microRNA processing


10:36-10:48  Inga Jarmoskaite (Stanford)

A quantitative and predictive model for RNA binding by human Pumilio proteins


10:48-11:00  Lightning Talks

11:00-12:15  Poster Viewing (POSTERS #1-25)

12:15-13:30  Lunch (on your own) 
12:30-13:30  Lunch (mentor lunches)



13:30-13:42  John Smolka (UCD)

Human ZFR: A novel link between RNA:DNA hybrid metabolism and innate immunity?


13:42-13:54  Ella Hartenian (UCB)

Virus-triggered mRNA Decay Induces Host Transcriptional Repression and Viral Transcriptional Escape


13:54-14:06  Jordan Burke (UCSF)

New members of the transposon-directed RNAi defense system in C. neoformans


14:06-14:18  Nian Liu (Stanford)

LINE-1 retrotransposon regulation revealed by genome-wide CRISPR screens


14:18-14:30 Lightning Talks


14:30-15:30  Poster Viewing (POSTERS #25-50)



15:30-15:42  Furqan Fazal (Stanford)

Principles of Subcellular RNA Localization Revealed by APEX-seq


15:42-15:54  Chris McGinnis (UCSF)

MULTI-seq: Scalable sample multiplexing for single-cell RNA sequencing using lipid-tagged indices


15:54-16:06  Alex Padron (UCB)

Proximity RNA labeling by APEX-Seq Reveals the Organization of Repressive RNA Granules


16:06-16:18  Kathrin Leppek (Stanford)

Evolution of IRES translation through direct mRNA binding to a ribosome expansion segment


16:18-16:30  Zhiqiang Hu (UCB)

Transcriptomic summary splicing data may leak personal private information by computational linkage to the genomic variants


16:30-16:42  Hani Goodarzi (UCSF)

Orphan non-coding RNAs and their role in cancer progression


16:42-17:00 PRIZE Announcements and Meeting Wrap-up


Conference endsdinner (on your own, with other labs) in San Francisco!