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-#- Laboratory Institution Lab Website URL
1 Aaron Gitler Stanford -link-
2 Alan Frankel UCSF -link-
3 Alan Zahler UCSC -link-
4 Alejandro Sweet-Cordero UCSF -link-
5 Alice Ting / Liqun Luo Stanford -link-
6 Alistair Boettiger Stanford -link-
7 Anders M Naar UC Berkeley -link-
8 Anders Naar UC Berkeley -link-
9 Andrei Goga UCSF -link-
10 Andrew Fire Stanford -link-
11 Angela Brooks UCSC -link-
12 Angela N. Brooks UCSC -link-
13 Aras Mattis UCSF -link-
14 Barbara Baker UC Berkeley -link-
15 Ben Montpetit UC Davis -link-
16 Boris Matija Peterlin UCSF -link-
17 Brian Johnston Somagenics -link-
18 Britt Glaunsinger UC Berkeley -link-
19 Carlos Bustamante UC Berkeley -link-
20 Carolyn Bertozzi Stanford -link-
21 Celina Juliano UC Davis -link-
22 Charles Swanton University College London -link-
23 Christopher Fraser UC Davis -link-
24 Clarissa Nobile and Suzanne Sindi UC Merced -link-
25 Dan Herschlag Stanford -link-
26 Daniel Herschlag Stanford -link-
27 Daniel Lim UCSF -link-
28 David Ardell UC Merced -link-
29 David Erle UCSF -link-
30 Davide Ruggero UCSF -link-
31 Dena Dubal UCSF -link-
32 Derek Sloan Vir Biotechnology -link-
33 Devin Coleman-derr UC Berkeley -link-
34 Don Rio UC Berkeley -link-
35 Elçin Ünal UC Berkeley -link-
36 Elliott Sherr UCSF -link-
37 Elphege Nora UCSF -link-
38 Felix Fang UCSF -link-
39 Frederic Allain ETH Zurich -link-
40 Frederic Chedin UC Davis -link-
41 Gill Bejerano Stanford -link-
42 Gloria Brar UC Berkeley -link-
43 Goodarzi UCSF -link-
44 Graeme McLean MIODx -link-
45 Hani Goodarzi UCSF -link-
46 Herbert Virgin Vir Biotechnology -link-
47 Hilde Schjerven UCSF -link-
48 Hiten Madhani UCSF -link-
49 Howard Chang Stanford -link-
50 Hugh E. Olsen UCSC -link-
51 Hunter Fraser Stanford -link-
52 Irv Weissman Stanford -link-
53 Jamie Cate UC Berkeley -link-
54 Jamie Cate, and Nicholas Ingolia UC Berkeley -link-
55 Jamie Cate/Stephen Floor UC Berkeley -link-
56 Jennifer Doudna UC Berkeley -link-
57 Jeremy Sanford UCSC -link-
58 Jeremy Willsey UCSF -link-
59 Jeroen Roose UCSF -link-
60 Jianghong Rao Stanford -link-
61 Jimmie Ye and Matthew Spitzer UCSF -link-
62 Jin Billy Li Stanford -link-
63 Joanna Wysocka Stanford -link-
64 John Conboy LBNL -link-
65 John D. Gross UCSF -link-
66 John Gross UCSF -link-
67 Jonathan Weissman UCSF -link-
68 Joshua Arribere UCSC -link-
69 Juia Salzman Stanford -link-
70 Julia Salzman Stanford -link-
71 Karen Ruff St. Mary's College of California -link-
72 Kevan Shokat UCSF -link-
73 Kirchhofer Genentech -link-
74 Klim Verba UCSF -link-
75 Lars Steinmetz Stanford -link-
76 Le Cong Stanford -link-
77 Lei Stanley Qi Stanford -link-
78 Liana Lareau UC Berkeley -link-
79 Lin He UC Berkeley -link-
80 Manny Ares UCSC -link-
81 Maria Barna Stanford -link-
82 Mark Akeson UCSC -link-
83 Mark Ansel UCSF -link-
84 Mary Hynes Stanford -link-
85 McManus UCSF -link-
86 Melanie Ott UCSF -link-
87 Melissa Jurica UCSC -link-
88 Michael McManus UCSF -link-
89 Michael Snyder Stanford -link-
90 Michael Stone UCSC -link-
91 Nicholas Ingolia UC Berkeley -link-
92 Noah Zaitlen UCSF -link-
93 Ophir Klein UCSF -link-
94 Oxford Nanopore Nanoporetech -link-
95 Pedro Miura Univ Nevada -link-
96 Peter Beal UC Davis -link-
97 Peter Sarnow Stanford -link-
98 Philippe Mourrain Stanford -link-
99 Rhiju Das Stanford -link-
100 Richard Durbin University of Cambridge -link-
101 Robert Blelloch UCSF -link-
102 Ronald Vale UCSF -link-
103 Rotation Student UC Berkeley -link-
104 Sandy Johnson UCSF -link-
105 Scott Hickey Nanoporetech -link-
106 Sergei Kazakov Somagenics -link-
107 Sergio Barberan Somagenics -link-
108 Sharon Aviran UC Davis -link-
109 Sidd Jaiswal Stanford -link-
110 Somagenics Somagenics -link-
111 Stephen Floor UCSF -link-
112 Stephen Quake Stanford -link-
113 Steven E. Brenner UC Berkeley -link-
114 Su Guo UCSF -link-
115 Susan Carpenter UCSC -link-
116 Todd Lowe UCSC -link-
117 Trevor Morin Two Pore Guys -link-
118 Upinder Singh Stanford -link-
119 Vir Biotechnology Vir Biotechnology -link-
120 Wah Chiu Stanford -link-
121 Yan Zhang UCSF -link-
122 Zahler UCSC -link-
123 Zev Gartner UCSF -link-