Brooks Lab
Computational and wet-lab postdoc positions available to study splicing alterations in cancer transcriptomes. Computational postdocs with experience in high-throughput sequencing analysis are strongly encouraged to apply. Potential wet-lab postdocs with experience in molecular biology, RNA biochemistry, and cancer biology are strongly encouraged to apply. If interested, please send an email and CV to Angela Brooks: anbrooks@ucsc.edu More information: brookslab.soe.ucsc.edu
Salzman Lab
We are actively seeking postdocs who are interested in working on the main projects in our lab: computational, statistical and experimental approaches to identify cis-sequence,trans-regulation and function of circular RNA and alternative splicing.
Examining the function of lncRNA in innate immunity
The University of California invites applications for a position in the Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology under the direction of Assistant Professor Susan Carpenter. The candidate will participate in research on long noncoding RNA and Innate Immunity. Duties will include culturing cells, tissue genotyping, performing PCR and Flow Cytomtery analysis. Applications are accepted via the UCSC Academic Recruit online system, and must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae and the three letters of recommendation (with mailing and email addresses).* Documents/materials must be submitted as PDF files. Apply at https://recruit.ucsc.edu/apply/JPF00287
Frankel Lab
We are seeking a postdoc interested in HIV biology and RNA-protein interactions in the context of virus evolution. Projects may involve biochemistry, structural methods, and virology and focus primarily on viral transcription, RNA export, and virus-host interactions. Interested applicants should email their CV to frankel@cgl.ucsf.edu.