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Brooks Lab
Computational and wet-lab postdoc positions available to study splicing alterations in cancer transcriptomes. Computational postdocs with experience in high-throughput sequencing analysis are strongly encouraged to apply. Potential wet-lab postdocs with experience in molecular biology, RNA biochemistry, and cancer biology are strongly encouraged to apply. If interested, please send an email and CV to Angela Brooks: anbrooks@ucsc.edu More information: brookslab.soe.ucsc.edu
Salzman Lab
We are actively seeking postdocs who are interested in working on the main projects in our lab: computational, statistical and experimental approaches to identify cis-sequence,trans-regulation and function of circular RNA and alternative splicing.
Frankel Lab
We are seeking a postdoc interested in HIV biology and RNA-protein interactions in the context of virus evolution. Projects may involve biochemistry, structural methods, and virology and focus primarily on viral transcription, RNA export, and virus-host interactions. Interested applicants should email their CV to frankel@cgl.ucsf.edu.